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Great solution to delay ejaculation without anesthesia

 Shark power spray 48000 German original spray

 Produced by the German company GBM Hamburg, the shark power spray does not work as an annoying anesthetic but rather a wonderful delay unlike other bullets.

 The problem of premature ejaculation is a problem experienced by a wide range of people, especially young people

 This problem deprives those who suffer from full pleasure and deprives them of full pleasure

 But there is no problem with the shark power spray, it delays the premature ejaculation until it reaches you to the desired moment and full pleasure.

 Shark power spray delays premature ejaculation and increases erection

 It is 100% natural (made from medicinal herbs).

 It is nourishing to the skin and does not cause dryness when intercourse because it is rich in vitamin (E)

 As it gives a prolonged feeling of pleasure during sexual relations.

 Results (confirmed, immediate) since its effect appears from the first use with a result of 100%

 Soft to use

 How to use: is placed (2)

 Light sprays on the penis (head and trunk), and waiting (5 to 15)

 Accurate before sexual intercourse, and it is not required to wash the penis before sexual intercourse because the substance from which the spray is made (safe, effective).

 Its use is very simple and very easy and one package is enough for a long time

 What distinguishes this sprayer is that it gives delay, but without annoying anesthesia, as it is in other or most types of sprays

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German sprays

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