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FreeSpace digital device

The best penis enlargement device, Penis Pump, is the best electronic traction device for enlarging and lengthening the penis, and it is the latest and best version in the series of electronic devices, where an innovative concept of sexual fitness has been developed. Exercise in the same way that you exercise for your body.

⚫ The benefits of a FreeSpace digital device

An increase in the length of the penis from 3 to 6 cm and a width from 2 to 3 cm

Increase the strength of the erection, which appears in the first two weeks of use, causing a full, complete and rigid erection.

✅ Easy to use and battery dependent and charging from. Through the special cable that came with it.

✅ 100% effective and safe and does not cause any side effects.

✅ Designed to fit all ages 18+.

✅ Using the device does not make any sound.

✅ The device can be used, increase the speed and reduce it very easily

⚫ How the device works and the idea of ​​working:

The device works to draw air from the cylinder and the rod inside, which works

Tightening the penis and stretching the spongy tissues of the penis

Aneurysm supplying the penis

Full stimulation of blood circulation in the penis and blood pumping in all parts of the penis

This, in turn, works to increase penis size and treat erection problems and premature ejaculation

⚫ How to use it:

✅ We anoint the penis with olive oil or the cream attached to the device

The silicone skin is placed on the cylinder, and after that, the penis is inserted into the cylinder inside the silicon skin, and then the start button is pressed. The device pulls and pulls the penis and the blood begins to flow.

✅ There is an On button to start the operation, there is an Off button to stop the operation, and there is a + and - sign to control the speed

The device is used for 15 minutes, when a strong pressure is felt on the penis, you can press Off and restart.

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